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Great Body Work

To: "Wright, Larry" <larry.wright@usop.com>
Subject: Great Body Work
From: Larry Paulick <larry.p@erols.com>
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000 18:53:35 -0500
Hi Group.  Larry Wright, Wayne Pierzga, and I have had work done at the
same body shop.  Larry Wright for the before mentioned frame work, and
Wayne and I for a lot of body work and a paint job on completely striped
bodies.  And I mean a lot of body work.  You name it, and Charlie did it.

The body shop is Bakers Custom Auto body, in Hyattsville, Maryland, just
outside of Washington, DC, 5 miles from the Univ. of Maryland.  301-277-3444.

He knows Tiger/Alpine bodies inside and out.  

He is very, very good, honest, does it right the first time, without
being asked, and works on custom cars and trucks.  This is a dying breed
on the East Coast, or at least in this area.  

I looked for 9 months for a body man that could do what I wanted, the
way I wanted, and Charlie Baker's name kept coming up, time after time.

Would I recommend him?  In a Heart Beat.  

No, I don't own his shop, and I have had my car back for 4 months, so I
know what he did while it was going through the restoration (my wife
though I had a girlfriend, because I was there so much, till I
introduced her to Charlie) and after having it back, to put it together.

Need an great body man, that is honest, and does it right the first
time, Go See Charlie.


PS- I have the before pictures and now the after car, in case you want
to see the transformation.  Let me know.

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