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Re: filler neck onto thermostat housing

To: derekw@zamnet.zm, Tigers@autox.team.net
Subject: Re: filler neck onto thermostat housing
From: Bob Palmer <rpalmer@ames.ucsd.edu>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 06:51:32 -0800

I presume the filler neck is on top of the tank and sits too high. You can 
put a filler cap between the thermostat housing and the inlet tank of the 
radiator. I believe you can find a suitable one from one of the usual 
aftermarket suppliers. This does not preclude using an overflow tank, which 
is pretty much mandatory, especially on a Tiger where you need optimum 
cooling efficiency; i.e., no air in the coolant. I assume by "airlocks" you 
mean air in the coolant, which is inevitable without an overflow system 
because of the expansion of the coolant on heating. I realize it seems that 
one could have just the right amount of coolant so as to fill the system at 
operating temperature, but the reality isn't so simple. For example, when 
you first fill the system it takes several heating/cooling cycles to get 
all the air out.

An alternative to putting the filler between the radiator and thermostat 
housing is to weld a filler neck on the OUTLET tank. You will need one with 
a right angle bend in it so it can be positioned to just clear the hood. 
This will not be as high as between_the_radiator_and_thermostat_housing 
location, but this is where I have mine and it is high enough. Again, use 
an overflow tank, which you can put wherever is convenient and connect it 
to the fill neck with a long hose.

Hope this helps,


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