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RE: Carpet Installation Question (sort of) and Cad plating

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Subject: RE: Carpet Installation Question (sort of) and Cad plating
From: Fmarrone@turinnetworks.com
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2001 13:27:34 -0700
Thanks Steve,

Sounds like from your description that the mounts welded to the floor pan
are not vinyl covered.

That brings up another question.  Because I like to obsess about such things
I've been wondering if there is anywhere I can send the seat rails and other
similarly plated hardware (like the hood latch mechanism) to be
replated/rebuilt.  Has anyone found a replater for these parts?  Do the seat
rails and latch hardware need to be disassembled before they can be
replated?  Is there a replater/rebuilder that will do this?  I know this is
over the line for most but as they say "whatever floats your boat".


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Frank Marrone wrote:
> Were the seat rail mounts on the floor pan originally covered with vinyl?
> I've been told that portions of the metal ledge that passes under the
> of the seats and over the drive shaft tunnel were,  this makes sense
> some of this is visible after the carpet and the rest of the interior is
> installed. Since you can sometimes sort of see the seat rail mounts I was
> wondering about these too.
> Thanks in advance!
> Frank
> B9471116


The seat rails themselves were plated with what looks like cadmium.
These, in turn and were bolted to a raised painted steel platform/nut
holder welded to the floor panels, and also black. A good deal of the
floor panel is covered with an asphalt based sound deadener, elsewhere.

There is an vinyl edge piece enhancing the rear dropped ledge where the
seats reside, but it is not deep.

This are my observations on a Mk I. Other models may have been
different, but I doubt it.

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