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Re: Tiger Video

To: "D. E. Adin" <adin@frontier.net>
Subject: Re: Tiger Video
From: Larry Paulick <larry.p@erols.com>
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 17:14:04 -0400
Hi Bill.  If this is a really short segment, I think I have it.  Let me look
again, and thanks for the offer on the dubbing of the tape.  Do you know what
the segment was called other than 65 Monte Carlo Rallye


"D. E. Adin" wrote:

> Larry, Bill, Steve, and all
> The speedvision recently taped was "Legends of Motorsport 1965 Monte Carlo
> Rallye".  I imagine it will be repeated at some point.
> I did tape it.  Also have another tape (these are Rootes promotional
> "documercials") w/ some 1964 Le Mans footage and maybe some more Tiger
> stuff.
> I am willing to make tapes (not hundreds, though) for folks.  Send me a
> blank tape and a self addressed "Priority mail" return container w/ postage
> paid.  The tapes were made off of digital cable - some program ends are cut
> off (poop).  I can copy these onto a tape - no guarantees for quality.
> Larry:  I'm most certainly not famous for my good humor or 'spirit' - quite
> the contrary!  Actually, I really enjoy a good joke but my sense of humor is
> quite dry so I'm sometimes taken  for a stinker.  The folks on this list
> sure give helpful hints and I love the websites, too.
> So, thanks to all, hope I can give some back.
> David
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> David
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