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Re: Tiger Owner becomes Charitable - Apology

To: Christopher Albers <Christopher.Albers@bubbs.biola.edu>
Subject: Re: Tiger Owner becomes Charitable - Apology
From: Steve Laifman <SLaifman@SoCal.RR.com>
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 18:16:39 -0700
Christopher, and sons,

I am terribly sorry you were not amused, and it was not spam
(solicitations for money), but a jest. In retrospect, I had thought that
the Tiger list were all adults, and honestly did not consider any
children would be present reading such dull stuff (to them).

I am sorry if you are offended, but I have received more positive
comment of enjoyment, both to the list and privately, than any other
single thing I have ever posted that was of Tiger technical content.

I guess I am only human, after all, and with a broad sense of humor. It
was only my intent to amuse a sometimes dry list, with a small giggle,
intended for the Adult membership in the lists involved.

My grand kids, ages 2 & 4, as well, are not offended by nudity, as it is
normal and natural state for them, and there is not a prurient thought
in their head. I am sorry if yours were disturbed, and beg your
understanding of my intentions, and an acceptance of my apology for
offending you.


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