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Subject: RE: Clock
From: Fmarrone@turinnetworks.com
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 15:27:13 -0700
I bought a clock from Sunbeam Specialties that fits the same description.
It is installed but I havn't put power to it yet.  It looks similar to the
stock clock for early cars (the 6 and 9 are sideways) but not exact.  Most
notable differences are the set knobs, the original looks like it has two
chrome adjusters at approximately 4 and 8 O'clock while the replacement has
a single set know in the middle.  I'm writing this from memory so I may have
messed some of the details up.


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Subject: Clock

Has anyone bought or seen CAT part number  M 18 "Tiger clock - Smith's,
quartz movement" ?  If so is it as the original?  Any info or experience
with it would be great.  
thanks, steve jones B9470867

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