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Getrag 5-speed conversion, brake upgrades

To: "D. E. Adin" <adin@frontier.net>, "tigers" <tigers@autox.team.net>
Subject: Getrag 5-speed conversion, brake upgrades
From: "Derek White" <derekw@coppernet.zm>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 14:46:54 +0200
Hi all,

I have had several enquiries about fitting the Getrag 262/265 gearbox to a
tiger. I am currently working on this and will have a lot more info later.
These gearboxes were found in early 80's V12 Jags, Maseratis, 3 litre Opels,
and big 6 cyl BMWs (Getrag 262 was in big six to '79, Getrag 265, M3, big
six '80 to '82, 528e '82, 535,635,745 in '85.)  Both have removable bell
housings which is why they are easier to adapt.

I am speaking to a couple of aluminium casting companies about making
conversion bellhousings for the SBF and SBC. I think this could be quite a
good small business opportuity-- anyone interested in doing this with me?

Ratios for both are about the same, 265 is: 3.82,  2.20,  1.39,  1.00,  0.81

I am using the Opel 3.0 litre 262 gearbox as it has a splined output shaft.
The BMW boxes have a flanged output so require a propshaft with a sliding

We have just fitted our prototype bellhousing plus 262 Getrag to my 302
block so I can tell you these distances:

block to shift lever  645mm  (and 675mm block to output shaft)
engine mount stud to shift lever 965mm
block to side gearbox mounts 390mm (on the side, 1/4 way up)
block to rear-bottom gearbox mount 550mm
(there are two different mounting positions, probably to match different

The shift lever comes up in the center of the tunnel, just in front of the
cross member.

Other useful info is that the 265 has a Chevy clutch spline on the input
shaft and the 262 has a Ford input shaft spline (so I am using an out of the
box Centerforce clutch disk and pp.)

Can someone tell me the original block to shift lever distance for the tiger

I have almost finished my brake upgrades and may sell the disks and brackets
if there is interest. I will give Steve some photos to put on the
TigersUnited site once the front disks arrive from Europe. General
description is:

Front: Wilwood Dynalite II 120-1056 (or billet Dynalite 120-5005) calipers,
custom brackets, one-piece bolt-on ventilated, x-drilled and/or grooved
disks (250mm x 20.6mm for 13" wheels, 265mm x 20.6mm for bigger wheels.)

Rear: floating, single pot  calipers with integrated handbrake from 80's
Ford Sierra/Saphire (in Europe) or Ford Merkur (in US), custom brackets,
one-piece bolt-on solid, x-drilled 240mm x 13mm disk.  The Ford caliper is
stronger than the Fiat 124 and probably easier to find (and get parts for.)

I will probably use a Datsun 3/4" or 13/16" dual master cylinder
(non-assisted) and get a proportioning valve to balance the system.

I just had my flywheel ground flat and will re-balance it (with crank etc.)
I have found a place to balance shafts etc. here-- it is the old state-owned
fertiliser company (now closed and awaiting a buyer) and their highly
trained engineers will balance anything on their very sophisticated machine
for $1.20 per hour (they have to eat.)

I better do some work.... cheers, derek

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