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Re: Sun Visor Bracket Needed

To: Frank Marrone <marrone@wco.com>
Subject: Re: Sun Visor Bracket Needed
From: Steve Laifman <SLaifman@SoCal.RR.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 08:07:52 -0700
Frank Marrone wrote:
> I'm missing yet another piece of the puzzle.  I need the center sun visor
> bracket for a MKI.  The parts book shows this going under the rear view
> mirror mount.  I'd be happy for even a weathered specimen since I'm going to
> send a batch off to the platers anyway.
> Frank
> B9471116


The original design suffered from rusting metal brackets, and internal
visor parts, as well as old vinyl. Sunbeam Specialties carries an exact
duplicate made from stainless steel, polished brackets, and  visor rods.
Great piece, original grain material. May cost less and last longer than
plating the old material. Those pock-marks will still be there after plating.

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