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Wheel/Hub badges

To: "List, Alpine" <alpines@autox.team.net>,
Subject: Wheel/Hub badges
From: John Slade <edalsj@igs.net>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 21:10:01 -0400
While looking for something else in my garage this afternoon, I came
across what seems to me to be four small alloy wheel centres with the
enameled Sunbeam badge in the centre. The backs are concave, and they
have a ridge to allow them to be press fit into a hole 2 1/2" in
diameter. Has anyone seen these before, and if so, where are they used?
The badge is also concave, matching the backing, and has a diameter of 1
3/8". The badges are attached to the backs by means of a centre stud
secured with a speed nut.

I have owned several Alpines over the years, plus a Tiger and an early
60's Hillman Minx, and they may well have come with one of them.

Picture (didn't turn out very well) available at


John Slade
Manotick, ON

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