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SUV bashing

To: Jerold VanderPool <jrv309@inreach.com>
Subject: SUV bashing
From: Larry Blackman <lb7777@wcrtc.net>
Date: Sat, 07 Dec 2002 10:56:09 -0500
All this sounds like a typical left wing (left coast) agenda. The first 
step in trying to get rid of the internal combustion engine. Like most 
all there proposed solutions to what they think is a problem, Tax it. 
Example  - don't like for people to smoke, raise the tax on cigarettes.- 
to help stop gun ownership,  raise the tax on guns. - people use too 
much gas, raise the tax on gasoline. - and on and on. The fellow who is 
going to take a Tiger to the salt flats had better be looking for a 
powerful electric motor and some light weight batteries. Some day in the 
future (if the left wing has it's way) I will take the mufflers off my 
Tiger and blast through some residential area so that the dads can tell 
their kids what  that was. (while savoring the sound) I might even make 
a recording of my Tiger's exhaust to save for posterity.  Thanks to Tony 
George for bringing back the V-8 to Indy and to Tom Patton for keeping 
the Tiger competitive in SCCA GT-2. At least we have a few good men. Now 
back to the subject. Are we really going to let the left wing 
environmental wackos control what we drive. I love my Tiger and SUV.
Just a midwestern conservative's 2 cents worth.

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