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Re: List Bashing

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Subject: Re: List Bashing
From: "Chris Hill" <Pirouette@uisreno.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 04:05:32 -0800
I can't speak for the Doc down near Vegas, but at better than 4500 ft. and
within 50 min. of Squaw Valley, we get a fair bit of snow in winter.  That
said, if the high pressure cell doesn't move soon, the ski shops are going to
start having their Spring sales in Jan. and this year's T.U. in South Shore**
could start the week after!

**  - authentic Tiger content qualifying phrase...

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  Ya gotta respect these two desert rats from Nevada as they are the true

  While most of us run our Tigers in the summer and put them away for the
winter .... these two do exactly the reverse.

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