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Brake Trouble

To: Tiger List <tigers@autox.team.net>
Subject: Brake Trouble
From: Shaun Laughy <tigerv8@shaw.ca>
Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2002 18:12:54 -0800
Earlier this week, I visited the Tiger downstairs in the garage where it is
stored for the winter.  While I was busy sitting inside and making
"vroom-vroom" noises, I happened to step on the brake pedal and, WHAM!, it
went right to the floor.  Looking at the master cylinder, the reservoir is
almost completely empty (explaining the lack of pressure) but I'm not sure
where the fluid has gone.  I know that it was full earlier this year when I
had the fluid replaced, and, as far as I remember, it was full when I put
the car in storage a couple of months ago.  Looking under the car, I can't
see any fluid puddles and the area around the master is dry, so I am
wondering where the fluid has gone.  I remember hearing about fluid
disappearing into a faulty booster before, so might that be what has
happened?  I'm a bit limited in how deep I can get in tearing the car apart,
right now, as I have a severely pinched nerve is my neck, put would think
that that much fluid escaping anywhere else would have to be noticeable.
For the record, I replaced the fluid with Castrol LMA, so there should have
been no problem with deterioration from the new fluid.  Also, a power
bleeder was used so that the master would not have to travel past it's
normal range causing seal damage.

My brakes all appear to be stock, with a single master and
original-appearing 5" booster that is (was) operational.  All thoughts and
advice would be appreciated.


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