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Goodwood Revival

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Subject: Goodwood Revival
From: "Chris Thompson" <cthompson@rrinc.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 13:05:28 -0500
Just got the latest "Vintage Motorsports" mag in the mail, and there is a
whole section on the Goodwood Revival.  Specially chosen as the "Pick of
Liter" for the whole shebang is none other than Darrell Mountjoy's
Lister-bodied LeMans Tiger ADU180B.  Here's the sidebar:

"For many, world champion motorcyclist Barrie Sheene's return to Goodwood,
against his doctor's wishes, was supremely emotional, yet making an equally
heroic comeback was ex-Rootes works driver Peter Proctor in a car he knew
only too well, the Lister-bodied LeMans Sunbeam Tiger.  Three of these cars
were built, a mule and two racers, though they only competed as a team once
back in 1964 at the French 24 hour race, both blowing their engines before
nightfall.  Peter was driving the ill-fated coupe when it prematurely
expired passing the pits, but within two years his career was brought to a
horrific end in a fiery sedan race accident, which left his face burned
beyond recognition, at, of all places, Goodwood.  His quiet courage while
confronting unimaginable demons was quite staggering.  That he should be
quick in, by their own admission, an uncompetitive car was remarkable.
Bought by Darrell Mountjoy from Syd Silverman via auction last year, ADU180B
had been beautifully restored by Steve Alcala before shipment back to the UK
and the reunion with its sister car ADU179B, the two cars competing together
for the first time in 38 years.  As is the way with the Goodwood Revival
meeting, this was just one of the many unique happennings."

Remember, the car was "uncompetitive" because Darrell had to quickly throw
in an inadequate engine as his was still being rebuilt.

Congratulations, Darrell - it's guys like you who keep the marque in the


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