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RE: torque vs. hp

To: "Stephen Waybright" <gswaybright@yahoo.com>,
Subject: RE: torque vs. hp
From: "Bob Palmer" <rpalmer@ucsd.edu>
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 19:59:24 -0800
Thank you!

Bob Palmer

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The physics behind this is actually that the engine lacked the hp at
low rpms to provide enough force at the road contact. The engines are
designed to maximize power at a near constant (and high) rpm. If the
engine was backed up by an infinitely variable transmission (or at lest
had enough gearing range), it could have maintained the 1,200 hp all
the way up the hill and should have done quite well, if the tires could
hook up that much power.

Stephen Waybright

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