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Radiators and Tires

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Subject: Radiators and Tires
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Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 19:09:38 -0800
Larry Rominger wrote:

"I am considering buying a new radiator for my 65 MK1 and would like any input
y'all have. I am looking at purchasing a Fluidyne, triple pass design aluminum
radiator with a 2 1/4 inch thick core. This is supposedly designed as a bolt
in for the Tiger and is advertised by  Absolute Radiator on the net. Has
anybody had experience with this product, either good or bad? Any comments or
suggestions will be appreciated."


I have the radiator you describe, I purchased mine from Dale Akuszewski at
Dales' Restorations. It is a three pass design and is an exact replacement for
the stock Tiger radiator. All you have to do is drill the 4 holes in the
mounting brackets. The hose barbs are the proper diameter and there is a
provision for both the remote tank hose and vent hose, truely a direct
replacement. The stock shroud even fits on it. Its only been in the car for a
short time but initial indications are good. I cant give a direct comparison
between my old 4 core radiator and the new Fluidyne as I significantly changed
my cooling system configuration. I originally ran a 4 core with an electric
pusher fan as well as an engine driven flex fan on a NAPA water pump, I also
used to run a 20 pass oil cooler mounted in the valance. Now I am running the
Fluidyne radiator and the Edelbrock K-code 289 pump with the flex fan. No more
oil cooler and no electric pusher fan. The temperature on the motor used to be
about 200-205 degrees depending on ambient temps. The new temps appear to go
no higher than 195 for now. I couldn't tell you what the radiator swap alone
contributed to the lower temps, but I think that the new pump probably helped
a bit more than the radiator. Just a guess on my part. As a bonus I dropped
about 10 pounds off the front of the car by going to an aluminum radiator and
leaving the oil cooler and electric fan on the shelf.

I posted to the list last week requesting tire info and possible replacements
for my flat spotted Comp TAs. As per Bob Palmers' advise I contacted Clarence
Brown Alignment in San Diego and they were able to shave my tires back into
the proper shape. $16.00 a tire. Thanks for the tip Bob.

Happy Thanksgiving,


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