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Re: [Tigers] Bad News...

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Bad News...
From: David Sosna <sosnaenergyconsulting@cox.net>
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2008 16:00:25 -0700
I'm sorry--I was looking forward to seeing you and the B-ville car.
Best of luck with all the stuff you've got going on!


drmayf wrote:
> Not to dance around it, my wife and I will not make it to the Tigers 
> United this year. Bummer. The Bonneville car is not ready for the 
> summers activities at Bonneville, the Tiger is not out of the paint 
> shop, we have an unexpected family reunion in Texas in June that we 
> really need to attend,  and Cathy has some elective surgery she needs to 
> have done.  I know there were a number of you coming to the TU to see 
> the car, but somehow I will make it up to you. Yeah, I know that the TU 
> is still about 10 weeks away, but I wont be able to afford the time or 
> the expense.
> So...I am sorry. I thank those who invited me to come because it was 
> going to be a hoot for me. But just not gonna happen this year. But the 
> bright side is that there will be a pile of nifty race and race related 
> vehciles to examine!
> Ya'll have fun. I will be releasing teh room reservations today.
> mayf
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