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Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 16:27:03 -0400
Just want to remind the group about the GE Nighthawk high-output Sealed
Beam Headlamps I had a hand in bringing to the market place a few years
ago. They are a drop-in replacement, 30% brighter than a standard
Halogen (about 200% brighter than those old Lucas incandescents), yet
the low beam is only 35 watts. I run my headlights 100% in both my
Tigers as DRLs and no issues with either car's generator keeping up.

The correct lamp for our Tigers (and Alpines too) is the H6024NH GE
NIGHTHAWK(tm) H6024NH PAR56 (7") PC: 28153

They are sold on Amazon, by Wal-Mart and any auto parts store that
handles GE Lamps.

What's the down side? The lamp life has been diminished by 10% or so. A
fair price to pay for seeing better in the dark!


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When I got my Tiger, when it was 10 years old, it still had a Lucas
sealed beam headlight in it.  Just like the cruddy sealed beams that
were the only thing legal back in the day.  Someone, the dealer or the
first owner, may have tossed the Carellos on yours, but I doubt they
were "stock", unless your car was first delivered in Europe.

Back in the day, I put similar H4 headlights in everything I drove.
Great! Now that US legal light are better, I use those on the Tiger.
They don't rust out, like the H4 ones eventually do (in the salt belt,

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