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Re: [Tigers] Tigers-The Making of a Sports Car

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Tigers-The Making of a Sports Car
From: "rande" <rande@thecia.net>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 20:05:14 -0400
25 pounds sterling is currently a good price for this book. Figure it amounts
roughly to $50 US . Also factor in how much shipping will cost in addition.

There are three versions of the book that I'm aware of. The earliest edition,
'first published 1979' includes a handful of nice color photos like the 
Tiger, one of the last Hartwell Tiger 2's and an orchid green Tiger 2 with a
black vinyl-covered hardtop.

The next edition, with the printing 'reprinted 1984' on the page next to the
contents page, is essentially the same content but without the color photos.
Both of these editions have a slip cover with a Tiger 1 on the cover.

The third version, the 'Second Edition'was printed in 1991 and has additional
chapters on race preparation, Tiger restoration, and 'Rootes Other V8 
This edition has a Tiger 2 on the slip cover.

Decide which edition you'd like, and ask the seller about condition and which
version they're selling.

The best payment plan as far as exchange rate is with a credit card, but expect
some card companies to charge a fee for the exchange.
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