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[Tigers] Classic Motorsports Tiger finished

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Subject: [Tigers] Classic Motorsports Tiger finished
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Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 08:27:44 EDT
Our car is pretty much done and we are taking it for its first public showing 
this weekend at Road Atlanta for the Mitty. Ford is the featured marque and 
Ford is sponsoring a huge car corral. I would love to show you guys the car and 
compare notes. Details on both the car and this event are at our site: 

Stories start in the July issue that just went to press along with a side 
story on buying Tigers and the Doane Spencer car. Also wrote something on Tiger 
clubs. You can order this issue for free on our site or pick it up on 
newsstands in about four weeks.

I am very happy with how the car came out and want to thank all of you who 
helped me build it, especially Tom Hall at ModTiger Engineering and Bill Martin 
of Rootes Group Depot. Also need to shout out to Johnn Weber, the guys at 
Abacus Racing, who built one hell of an engine, Curt from Classic Sunbeam, 
Joe, who happens to live in my neighborhood and who has proven to be 
indispensible and Barry Schonberger for helping me put the perfect rear end 

The car is docile and comfortable on the street and well, just a Tiger when 
you hit the gas. Still need to sort a few things but man am I happy with how 
this one came out. My life long dream to own a nice Tiger is now fullfilled. 
Can't wait to run some tours and take it to Monterey this summer.

Tim Suddard
Publisher; Classic Motorsports
and Grassroots Motorsports magazines
Phone: (386) 673-4148 Fax: (386) 673-6040

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