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Re: [Tigers] valve train I meant- not drive train

To: Steve Sage <fastsage@cox.net>
Subject: Re: [Tigers] valve train I meant- not drive train
From: Tony Somebody <achd73@yahoo.com>
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2009 01:42:26 -0800 (PST)
Steve- I think I meant to say valve train as opposed to drive train- if I was 
right it makes me feel good but having said drive train made me sound blond- 
well I am a blond. LOL 
I hope it is just a twist or two of the adjusting nut and problem solved. At 
worst a bent push rod or a lifter not pumping up completely.

I know that I may be the only person to do what I'm going to describe but I 
have done it and it has worked on a few occasions. My cousin had an ElCamino 
and a lifter that was rattling bad. He and his car lot owner friend listened 
and was trying to diagnose the problem when an old greasy local mechanic that 
had a tow truck and the ability to find out exactly how much money a person 
broke down on I-57 had and his ability to get the people traveling again WITH 
all their money. If the guy had been as honest as he was a hustler he would 
have been very rich. Buff was his name and since he is now in mechanics heaven, 
I can talk about him- referring back to the lifter. 

My cousin and his buddy went inside to get a cold drink or something and ole 
Buff got in the Camino and held it to the floor. Well out the door the two 
came, screaming what the H are you doing Buff? And as he got out, he replied- 
Just fixing that collapsed lifter. Sure enough the engine was running fine and 
the loud rattle was gone. He held it to the floor just short of long enough to 
know it was going to blow up and I'm sure it wasn't nearly so long as it seemed 
but he did fix the lifter. I know that over the years I have done the same 
thing on at least three different engines. Now I wont be responsible IF someone 
blows up an engine but as crazy as it sounds, it will pump up a lifter at very 
high RPM while not under load. 
Steve I hope your problem is a jam nut has backed off or just needs adjusting 
from valve train wear etc etc.
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