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Re: [Tigers] Front Shock selection?

To: Fabbro <fabbro@shaw.ca>
Subject: Re: [Tigers] Front Shock selection?
From: Steve Laifman <SLaifman@SoCal.rr.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 11:57:00 -0800
Kim, and Tigers,

A number of years ago I felt that my '65 original Armstrong shocks were 
not "in character" for the car.  I removed (and kept) them and purchased 
a set of 2 front and 2 rear Koni adjustable shocks from Sunbeam 
Specialties.  Rick and CAT and made a combined order, and both were 
selling them.  These were especially made for the Tiger, and were 
adjustable (as well as Orange!)

I found that they performed well, as did the similar Konis I had on my 
RED TOI "Sebring", and my 356 Porsche.

They are still available, along with Spax, at Sunbeam Specialties (under 
Catalog / Shock Absorbers) for $185 each.


If you intend Autocross, or race competition, I am sure those 
enthusiasts have their own recommendations, but if you drive it on the 
street, you might temper the suggestions.


Steve Laifman
Editor - TigersUnited.com

Fabbro wrote:
> Hi All
>  I'm working on a 1965 Tiger with stock suspension.  When I purchased
> the car to restore it came with 4 new rear Koni shocks Part # 82-1348 in
> a box. The car had mounted on the front section Koni 82-1347 shocks but
> need to be replaced. Can some one throw a manufactures name and part
> number for front shocks that would fit the cars weight and spring rate.
> It will be a daily driver for the wife so keeping it to the stock ride
> feel would be preferred. 
> Thanks
> Kim 
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