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Re: [Tigers] pulley research

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] pulley research
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Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2009 16:11:38 -0500
        Great pictures; it looks like the TIPCO pulley has a wider groove
and can run a 1/2" belt or is that just my parallax vision kicking in.
This definitely eliminates the C2OZ pulley from consideration.

Thanks for the information.

Ron Fraser

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] pulley research

The Tiger C4JZ-6312-A pulley is a Ford industrial part, I purchased 10 of
these in 1986 from (TIPCO) Tuban Industrial Products Company "Ford Power
Products" in Mountain View Ca. This TIPCO pulley is an updated Tiger pulley
(looks like the original pulley on steroids, see photos) The original Tiger
pulley is stamped metal, the TIPCO appears to be machined from a solid piece
of metal, lathe marks are visible. The Tiger weighs 1 pound 2 oz. the TIPCO
weighs 2 pounds 12 oz. I measure the dia. of the Tiger pulley as 6 3/32".
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