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[Tigers] T-5 speedometer drive gears

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Subject: [Tigers] T-5 speedometer drive gears
From: "Thomas Witt" <atwittsend@verizon.net>
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 16:48:57 -0800
I know many have put the T-5 in their Tigers and was hoping someone could 
lend some assistance. One of my side projects is a 2.3 Turbo/ T-5 in a 1973 
Pinto.  When it came time to hook up the speedometer I took the Pinto cable 
(from a C-4 automatic) and gear (18 tooth) and simply installed it in the 
T-5. Visually it was a perfect fit.  It seemed to fit right in and the 
speedometer worked - for about a mile. Upon returning home I checked both 
ends and the cable and speedometer seem fine.

  However, I am no longer getting any "drive" from the transmission. I 
swapped in the T-5, 17 tooth gear and still nothing. There is absolutely no 
damage what so ever to the cable gears (either the 18 tooth or the 17 
tooth).  There was absolutely no debris when I removed the drive end of the 
cable.  Putting my finger into the hole and turning the driveshaft gives an 
even cadence to the transmission side of the gear and thus I assume the 
teeth are all still there.  I even reinstalled the donor car electronic 
sensor with it's original gear but am not getting pulses.

I'm baffled that the teeth all seem present though admittedly the 
transmission side is by feel since I can not position myself to see it (I 
tried, even with mirrors). If I did something to damage the internal gear, 
wouldn't something show on the cable gear?  Again, the cable gears are 
perfect. The cable drives the speedometer. I pulled and pushed the cable. In 
either direction the speedometer still read.

Anyway, if any of my Tiger brethren have any ideas I would sure appreciate 
it.  Please respond off list as this is Tiger associated, but not Tiger 
specific.  Thanks, Tom 

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