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Re: [Tigers] Hose Clamps

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Hose Clamps
From: <wsamouce@kc.rr.com>
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 8:35:43 -0500
Hey Ron,

I have some 1965 fuel from england you can put in your tank.


----  Ron Fraser <rfraser@bluefrog.com> wrote: 
> Mike
>       This is a good source for double wire clamps as is Moss Motors and
> englishparts.com.
>       Double wire clamps are not what I'm asking for; I'm looking for, as
> Norm Miller describes them, the 1/2" English Band clamp used at the water
> valve for the 1/2" hoses from the temp sender to the valve, the valve to the
> heater core and the heater core to the T connection.
>       I have done several searches for this part and come up empty; I hope
> someone on the list had better luck.
> Thanks for the help
> Ron Fraser
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