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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Pusher Electric Fan Help
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Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2010 12:32:15 -0500
When putting in an electric fan, the most important thing to consider is the
CFM rating.  Get the highest CFM rated fan you can get. When I did mine
years ago, I used a Haden "high power" 16" fan with a thermostat controller.
I could never tell when it came on (very quiet).  So, being the curious
type, I hooked up a small LED light to see when it came on and off.  What's
interesting is that, when I'm driving down the road, the fan turns from the
air stream and produces just enough current to light the LED faintly because
it turns into a generator. Be SURE to use a relay. I don't think the Tiger
switches should be called upon to handle the current the fans will draw.  It
could get smoky.  Use fans in the 2000CFM to 3000CFM or more if you can get
them in.  I opted to remove the "crank hole support" to get mine in and put
the fan in before the radiator.

Some fans are very loud; so, check the sound level before you install.  My
first fan was a 14" and was very loud (and totally useless).  The fan I'm
using now is so quiet I can't hear it running unless the engine is off. I'm
sorry I can't remember the part number.

Jerry Christopherson

PS This may sound very stupid, but make sure you wire the fan so it will run
in the proper direction. I've seen them wired wrong.

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Tiger Listers...

Last August at Doug Jenning's place (TAC event and Dayton
British Car Show), 
there was a beautiful red Tiger (I believe a Mark 1A)
equipped with a  "Perma 
Cool" electric fan in front of the radiator.  He had
it hooked to a switch so he 
could use it in stop and go traffic, etc as
needed (may have also had it temp 
controlled by a thermostat... can't
recall).  I had made note of the model 
number of the fan and also the owner's
name... but as I am prone to do, lost the 
note.  The owner had a huge three
ring binder he had put together with the 
entire history of the car and all of
the modifications, etc.  As I recall, there 
was something unique about the
car's history... I believe it was used in a 
manufacturer's car show by Rootes
or something like that.

Anyone know who the owner of that Tiger is?  I'd like
to get some information 
from him regarding the fan and its hookup.
Alternately: can one of you guys point me to the correct model number and
of Perma Cool pusher fan for fitment in a Tiger?  Their catalog is at
this link:

I am not sure if the fan is one of their "high
performance" or "standard" 
electric fans.  If one of you is using a Perma
Cool that works well, please let 
me know which model you used.

BTW: The only
cooling issue I've experienced was some overheating when we 
participated in a
4th of July parade on a very hot day... forced to crawl along 
at about 10 mph
(if that) for quite a while.  It is that type of situation (or 
stop & go on a
really hot day) I'd like to help with the electric fan.


Bill Waite
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