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To: Jeffrey Nichols <jxnichols@sbcglobal.net>, tigers@autox.team.net
Subject: Re: [Tigers] Check your rivets
From: David T Johnson <djoh797014@yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 10:32:56 -0700 (PDT)
I can't believe you guys let a state agency rull your lives.
Fire the idiots
at the ballot box and let them know.
Who does the BMV think they are, hassling
owners of\classic cars?

My Tiger was repainted 40 years ago after an
accident.  Yes the
ID plate was remove, but the JAL TAG was left alone.  IL
not care to even check the VIN.  The cop just checked that the
VIN matched
the title.  Gave IL some money and the Title is
in my name.  I noted to Norm
Miller that the ID had screws not
rivets.  It has been TAC'd without problems.
In 1970 one of the founders of the old Chicago Tiger club had his
car painted
a beautiful metallic siver and blacked out the chrome
The painter lost the
tags.  Then he moved to Texas.  There the
Supercops Police declared that
without VIN tags, they would
not title it in Texasand considered it stolen and
subject to
confication a stolen property.

What would you do?  He called on
the old Sunbeam group.  We
had junked a unrestorable Tiger (rus you would not
believe) and
I kept the VIN and ID TAGS. and matching IL Title. I also got the
 cross member with rack, steering extention, gauges, etc.  The hulk
is in a
bean field in Northern IL.  The MKIA  ID number was within
 100 of the Texas
Tiger.  A donation to the club got a new title, ID, 
and Tag for the Texas
Tiger.  A simple switch and now the Supercops
were convinced it was a legit
car BTW I reported the orginal Texas 
number to Norm as junked.  I don't think
many and tell the difference
in two Tigers that were made so closely apart.
Yes the Texas Tiger looks great and has been TAC'd.

Just last week, I was
watching a very upset man, angry because he
could not get a plate for his
homemade trailer he had been using
for years.  With a title IN considered is
stolen.  Outside I saw
him ranting and raving,  I told him 'Play the game. 
Get someone
like your brother give you a fake bill of sale, date it 3 weeka
and try again next week.  I saw him at Walmart and asked how
it went.  He
said no big deal.  The BMV took the bill of sale and
he had to pay sales tax
on $5.  He then was issued a trailer plate.

As I said.  Play the game.  If
they want a bill of same, make one,
and go somewhere else.  If they want pop
rivets,  get some
rivets and make trhem look used and then pop rivet you
supercops can't tell what a correct rivet looks like.

the guys are public servants.  Don't let them rule tou
lives.  In Indiana BMV
is now making a big issue of ID caused
by the wonderless Homeland Security
Group.  No picture ID
at the BMV, they must be mailed to your verified
If you go to your local AAA office, they have an exemption
from the
Homeland requirements.  They offer licenses, title,
and plates with no hassle
at all.

For everyone else...move to Indiana.


From: Jeffrey Nichols
To: tigers@autox.team.net
Sent: Wed, July 28, 2010
11:57:42 AM
Subject: [Tigers] Check your rivets

"There is an issue legally
that you can not remove a cars ID and place it on

You can't even
remove it and place it back on the same car without causing
"legal" problems
with some state's DMV.  I was watching a collector car show
last week ( don't
remember the show or hosts name.  only that his garage is in
the northeast and
has white hair and moustace. the show may have been on the
Discovery channel.
)  The guy went to a well known auction to sell a few high
end cars and the
auction was raided by the local DMV. Around 15 cars where
pulled from auction
because the DMV said the vin tags had been removed and
replaced with the wrong
rivets among other things. 

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