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Re: [Tigers] vent window won't come out

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] vent window won't come out
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Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2012 08:40:31 -0400 (EDT)
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That did the trick lads.
Just went down and pulled it.  As I was putting Kroil on the small  chrome 
finisher screws and noticed that you can't get at the side " 2 Felt  channel 
screws" without damaging the felt channel. No worries though, I   have some 
from SS to replace the originals.
Thanks to everybody'!
Jim Armstrong
In a message dated 4/1/2012 4:03:43 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
jeff@v8tiger.demon.co.uk writes:

Hi  Jim,

there are 3 screws you need to remove the vent window.

1. -  the one you can see inside the car on the chrome base finisher

2. -  open the door and look at the front of the vent window. you will 
see a  chrome tab which is part of the vent window base and sticks out 
towards  the outer side of the door, its rounded cornered and has a cross 
head  screw in it. Remove this screw.

3 -. - again on the front of the vent  window, there are 2 screws that 
screw in form the front edge of the vent  window frame. Bottom one goes 
into the vent window chrome base and the top  one goes right through into 
the door.
Remove the top one - flat  driver.

The vent window will now pull straight upwards out of the  door.

There is a step in the vent window chrome upright where the glass  moves, 
this can sometimes catch the steel door skin just under where the  cut 
our is in the put window rubber. check to see if this is  catching.

the chrome vent window sits into the top of the steel runner  in the door 
with a clip on the outside but this is mostly for location and  does not 
fix it to the lower runner.

If you are still struggling,  drop me a note and I will send you some 
photos as I have a couple of loose  doors and vent windows.


In message  <7b11.1f1ca1ca.3ca9de05@aol.com>, Rollright@aol.com  writes
>After receiving your instructions, I  inspected one of the vent window
>assemblies on my bench for the  fasteners that you described and there are 
>six tiny screws, and  then the bigger screws in the chrome finisher. That's
>it.  No more  fasteners at all.
>Got the car back yesterday as I mentioned  previously, took out the two #10
>screws a few moments ago  and
>pulled hard several times on the vent assy......no go. firmly  rocked it 
> pulled. Nope.
>What do you think it might  be?
>Jim  Armstrong
>Mk  1A
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Jeff Howarth


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