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Re: [Tigers] Off topic garage floor prep and coating

To: Tiger Man <Tigerman67@hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: [Tigers] Off topic garage floor prep and coating
From: Chris Thompson <chris@cthompson.net>
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2012 20:26:23 -0400
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I'm sorry to say that the front part of the barn is likely to be 
problematic for you.  You saying this was once a barn is a tip.

On my garage, I used high quality two-part epoxy (from Ben Moore, I 
think) floor paint about ten years ago.  I put it down when the floor 
was fairly fresh - just after the building was completed. On the odd 
occasion when I actually clean it, it looks pretty much the way it was 
when I put it down.  And it's full of british cars, so there are plenty 
of oil leaks.  I did etch it with muriatic acid before painting.  I 
highly recommend two-part epoxy floor finishes on relatively new concrete.

Used the same paint around the same time when helping some folks rehab 
the local municipal animal pound.  We powerwashed and then etched the 
kennels with muriatic acid, and then painted.  The paint wouldn't 
stick.  Research turned up that nothing is going to stick to concrete 
that has been defecated or urinated on.  Never.  Now, I wasn't 
responsible for the project, or chose the paint (epoxy is just standard 
for kennels), so I don't know if they ever found a solution.  Sorry.

But I suspect that the front part of the barn was concrete while there 
were animals in it, and the back part was poured afterwards.  If you 
suspect that may be the case, do some research into re-painting kennels, 
and maybe you'll find a solution.

Right now I'm building a new house and an 8 car garage, and am looking 
into putting down porcelain tile.  A good bit more costy, but not as 
much as you might think.  And porcelain is almost indestructable......

BTW, I did the epoxy job myself - it's not at all difficult, but it does 
take care and surface prep is key.  And even though I left the garage 
doors open while applying, a good quality mask is essential - that stuff 
is rough!

Best of luck!


On 4/2/2012 4:01 PM, Tiger Man wrote:
> Sorry for the off topic post, but I know this group probably has some
> experience in garage floor coatings.
> I recently bought a house and I know have a nice 24x35 "barn" plus my regular
> garage.  I finally get to store both the tiger and mustang at home.  The age
> of the house and barn are from the mid 80's.
> The 'barn' floor appears to have been previously coated with something, I am
> going to guess some sort of gray paint.  In some areas of the barn, especially
> the back half of the garage (a separate 'stone'), it looks perfect and seem
> very durable. In others it is mostly gone and just walking on it causes it to
> flake off.  The concrete under the paint where it flakes off recently looks
> black and kind of rough.  I live in Colorado where it is very dry and the barn
> is at the top of the hill, but it makes me wonder if It is a moisture problem
> coming up through the slab, or just poor prep of the concrete when they coated
> it the first time.
> Since in some areas it looks very durable yet, I am wondering how to prep it
> if I want to try recoating it myself.  Do they rent some sort of
> grinder/polisher that will be able to get that old coating up, and if so is
> that a generic tool I can find for rent at home depot or do I need to go
> looking in specialty areas?  Would just the acid etch stuff get this stuff off
> the slab?
> Once I figure out prep, then I will be looking at putting on a coating.  To be
> frank, my cars and motorcycles tend to leak a bit of oil, so I want a good
> surface that will clean up easily and not leave a bunch of nasty stains.  I
> thought I had read previously from people on this board that the 2 part epoxy
> coatings hold up fairly well.  I have seen those at my local home depot/lowes,
> but they also tend to be sized for like a 10x20 single car garage.  With the
> barn and later regular garage, I could end up buying a lot of kits to finish
> that all up.  I also checked out east wood, but I must have used the wrong
> search term since I was getting hits on regular epoxy primer, but not epoxy
> floor coatings.
> Since I just moved in, most things are still in boxes, so I am thinking it
> would probably be smart to tackle this while most things are in boxes, and
> maybe split the barn job into back half and front half so everything doesn't
> have to sit outside while I wait for things to dry.
> So looking for any either generic or specific advice on prepping that surface
> or any advice on the coating side.
> I'm assuming this isn't too bad a DIY job, or do some of the local installers
> actually have fairly good value to do a job like this.
> Thanks,
> Steve


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