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Re: [Tigers] To fix the ignition switch

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] To fix the ignition switch
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Date: Sun, 12 May 2013 08:53:37 -0400
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        There are 3 swaged spots on the aluminum body.  They would have to
be carefully pried away from the back of the switch to get at the contacts.
The aluminum body is keyed to the back of the switch so rotating the
aluminum body if the 3 swaged spots get ruined would take making a new notch
and drilling a new hole.  I have never tried any of this so I don't know if
it would work.

        There is a hole in the aluminum body to allow barrel removal.  Put
the key in and to the OFF position, look into the hole; you will see another
round hole in the black part with brass color in the center, push on the
brass with a paper clip, pull the barrel out of the switch.

Ron Fraser

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Subject: [Tigers] To fix the ignition switch

I've done the various tests to confirm that it is the ignition switch that
is not allowing enough power to get to the starter solenoid.

I searched the archives and found some comments like "find a way to open it
up and clean the contacts."  But, I never found anyone say that was actually
possible.  I saw others that said when the switch goes it has to be replaced
- with no mention of repair.

I guess I'll pull it off the car tomorrow anyway and see if there is
anything obvious about pulling it open.

I did see posts about putting the key in and using a paperclip or something
in some hole to remove the barrel so that the key can be used in a
replacement switch.  I hope this is still possible.


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