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Re: [Tigers] Dales AMC 5 speed conversion

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Dales AMC 5 speed conversion
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Date: Sat, 18 May 2013 16:25:40 -0400
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        I only have experience with the Ford Mustang 5 speed.

        If the AMC is similar then the shift rail is internal and the
shifter has 2 bolts that attach it to the shift linkage.  I experienced one
Mustang that lost the lower shifter bolt and it became difficult to find a
gear.  You need Loctite on those bolts.

        There is a plate that holes the shift linkage to the trans.  The
bolts on that plate need to be tight or the plate could lift and the shift
linkage will loose contact with the shift rail.

Again I don't know if any of this applies to the AMC 5 speed.

Ron Fraser

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Subject: [Tigers] Dales AMC 5 speed conversion

Late last night I headed up I-57, on my way to Brown county state park and
this years Shelby Cobra annual meet. About 70 odd miles from home, I had the
feeling or thought the 5 speed had jumped out of gear BUT that may not have
been the case. I down shifted as my rpms where going up but had no gear- to
the side of the road. I go thru the gears and once it moved and killed the
engine. I got out with my brighter than me tiny flashlight to try seeing if
I had a drive shaft- YES, I'm aware I would have known if I had lost a
U-joint. I had no luck seeing anything so back in the car, with it running
and in first at 3k rpm I went to reverse BUT had immediate grinding, as tho
the tranny was turning enough inside that I had grinding- knowing 1st and
reverse are on  the same shaft in the 4 speeds I didn't try using 2nd for
the same test- I was finally in 4th and had a gear. I have 15"Minilites and
with the tires and the gear in the tranny, w/288 gears, I slipped  the
clutch enough to get moving and road the side until I came to a place to
cross and go back south. I jumped over on state rt.37 that runs parallel 57
the last 20 miles or so to my home. The Tiger looks great setting in front
of the house with the top down- ppl walking are all looking BUT Im pretty
sad. I know it time to pull the engine and find a 5 speed man local and get
the right speedo gear in that Dale forgot to change BUT does anyone have any
thought, knowledge etc. what my problem might be. TIA. TtT

Tony Lang (TtT)


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