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Re: [Tigers] Tigers - fake ID's

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An additional piece of information: this Tiger TAC'ed fine this week.

Buck Trippel

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There are many of us out there with TAC'd cars and no VIN or JAL plate. I am
one of them.

Seeing this cobbled together VIN plate has convinced me not to do the same. 
I think its better to
show a valid TAC decal and a certificate than an obviously counterfeited set
of plates. The opportunities to lose these original plates are so myriad
that a seller of a legitimate Tiger should have no fear of proving
provenance through the TAC program.

On my scuttle I have a VIN plate with the info printed on a clear sticker;
no possibility of anyone thinking I was trying to fool a buyer.


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Subject: [Tigers] Tigers - fake ID's

> As I posted to the Franchi bros, in the end  it doesn't matter about the 
> tags,
> if someone we knew was interested in this car, we would suggest sending a 
> member who could tell ( I think the car is in Long Beach?) and check it 
> out.
> Rande
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