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[Tigers] Car Show and slim Boston Cup results

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Subject: [Tigers] Car Show and slim Boston Cup results
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Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2013 09:23:03 -0700 (PDT)
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Last summer, I told you that Andy Rooney's former Tiger had been
restored, and was at the inaugural Boston Cup concours in downtown Boston,
along with 99 other invited owners and their cars. This year, the 'only once
every three years' rule kicked in, so the Tiger was kept from being on
display. The show also suffered through a weather forecast that predicted
showers for the first half of the show. Well,it did rain, but only in downtown
until about 09:30,when the sun and cool weather prevailed, still keeping away
a few of the invited. No big deal. In place of the now-Emily Rooney Tiger was
a 1965 Ford GT part racecar/part street version. Since I had a summer job back
here at a dealer  for MB, BMW, Jaguar, Porsche and Shelby, who stocked a
production Ford GT (sticker was $18,500 in 1967 greenbacks), I peppered the
owner with questions for about 30 minutes. I asked the owner if he'd driven
the newer Michigan-built Ford GT. He said he had, as Ford had
 allowed him to drive one in Michigan, as part gratitude for loaning them his
car to base the modern version on!!!

No Cobra at the show this year, but a
silver '63 Sting Ray coupe, a '57 Rambler station wagon, a mid '70's MB 6.9
sedan, a '68 912 Targa in a green comparable to Orchid Green and
houndstooth-pattern seats, the usual new McLarens and Ferarris, no E-Types but
a XK150 drophead and 3.4 sedan.

For those of you near enough to eastern Mass,
this coming Saturday, Sept 28, is the Weston Classic and Antique Car Show (
westoncarshow.com), and Emily Rooney, her Tiger, and I will be there. Search
for the town hall of Weston, MA and the show is on the road in front(Town
House Rd). See you there.

Rande Bellman


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