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Damn Brake Light Switch

Subject: Damn Brake Light Switch
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 11:52:11 -0800
I stated in an earlier posting to the SAOC board that I was having trouble 
with my third new brake light switch.  Each one has worked fine when 
installed, then slowly needed more and more pressure to light, and stopped 
working.  I drive the car every day and have never ever put in any DOT 5 - 
only Castrol LMA Dot 3/4.

So, I went to the store again.  Popped in a new one, no special bleeding 
or anything, and it's working again fine.  The shop owner said he has 
heard of problems with this brand's switch - it is in a blue/yellow box, 
same one I got from Sunbeam Specialties three switches back.  I can get 
the name if anyone is interested - the box is in my trunk.  He also said 
that he has heard of no problems with the more expensive Lucas one (about 
$30).  So he ordered one for me.

Just remember to keep checking that your are working!


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