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Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2000 08:11:47 -0400
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> Who knows where I can find a nice seat harness for an Audi?  The one that
> recenetly saw, was on an S4 and it connected to, two places on the back
> seatbelts and two places on the front. I beleive it was a 4-point harness.

Racer Wholesale or Summit Racing would be places to start -- since (if I
remember right) the Audi has a seat with a separate headrest, any 4-point
harness should work.  like H-type harnesses, because the shoulder belts are
tied together and don't slip off the sides of the seat.

Bolt the lap belt into the stock front seat lap belt mounts, and the
shoulder belts into the rear seat lap belt mounts.  Generally, you have a
choice between clip-in and bolt-in mounts -- most harnesses can be ordered
either way.  Personally, I like the clip-in type, which replaces the stock
seat belt bolts with a large eyebolt, and the harness end clips to the
eyebolt.  The eyebolts require a bit more room, but make the harness easy to
remove, and present no problem leaving the stock seat belts in place.
Either type works well, though.

'92 Prelude Si
Speed Demon Racing

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