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Re: Looking for taillight housings.

To: "Daniel Neuman" <>,
Subject: Re: Looking for taillight housings.
From: "datsunmike" <>
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 20:33:52 -0400

Puttin on those bullets from a 59????????

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Subject: Looking for taillight housings.

> Hello All,
> I would very much like to purchase a replacement set of the
> tail light housings for my car (69 2000). I'm talking just the round
> that bolts to the car and that the actual light screws into.  These do not
> have to be perfect-I am planing on  doing   some customization of my
> and want a backup set just in case I screw up.. What kind of cust. you
> say???  Well lets just say that I might have to change the name of my car
> Feynman to ....Datillac.......
> Daniel 69 2000

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