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Re: SU's air filters, air horns, etc.

Subject: Re: SU's air filters, air horns, etc.
From: Adam Bradley <>
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 18:15:15 -0800 (PST)
TWM Induction ( sells air horns (velocity stacks,
air rams, whatever you want to call them).  Your stock air filter
housing has built-in air horns (which really get in the way of the
botls on a 1600!) Many aftermarket filters I've seen (small round
chrome filters, mesh filters, etc.) do NOT have air horns nor do they
have room for them.  I would think this is worse than the stock air

ITG makes (or Roadster people have made) a foam air filter housing that
can use air horns but again is a solid piece for both carbs, not a
small round shiny chrome thing.

The MGs used individual air filters for each SU carb with a horn that
sticks out of the air filter but not directly out of the carb throat
itself.  Can someone tell me if this is equivelant or not as good as
air horns on the carb throat?

--- wrote:
> Question time again.  I see the Solex setups equipped with those
> slick looking airhorns and chrome air filters, but what about SU's?? 
> Can you put air horns and single carb filters on dual SU's or does
> this not accomplish anything other than making them look cool.  I
> have a line on a set of chrome mesh filters from a 240Z that I
> believe will fit the stock SU's.  Any and all advice as always
> greatly appreciated.
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