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Re: [Roadsters] non roadster question

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Subject: Re: [Roadsters] non roadster question
From: "Schlegel, Richard" <RSCHLEGEL@OCSD.COM>
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2009 12:01:19 -0800
Just start the car and then pull the battery cable. If it dies it's the


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Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2009 03:42:00 -0800
From: Pat Mahoney <>
Subject: [Roadsters] non roadster question
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Hi All,  I have an '87 Nissan Pu.  The battery will accept a charge from
charger.  It will start and run for a short while, a minute or so, then all
the electricals (lights, radio, blower fan etc.) will dim and the engine will
die.  It has electronic ignition and fuel injection.  I'm guessing the
alternator but would like any input before I go through the hassle of pulling
it.  It is buried under the A/C unit and looks to be quite a job to get it

Thanks in advance for your help,
Pat Mahoney
Support Team.Net

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