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: Turn On Your Lights for America

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Subject: : Turn On Your Lights for America
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Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 05:44:16 -0500

>I received this from a good friend....please pass it on!
>(Not a chain letter! Just a GOOD idea)
>Turn On Your Lights for America
>As I was driving to work this morning I passed by an elementary school and
>noticed that the flag had been lowered to half-mast in memory of the
>and their families in Littleton, Colorado. What a wonderful gesture that
>act is. But, I thought to myself, what can I do to show others that I too
>deeply affected by this tragedy.
>Turn on a light. Turn on my headlights. Turn on my porch light. But how do
>get this message to others? Use the Internet. I'm sending this message to
>everyone on my email list and am asking that you do the same.
>I am going to turn on my headlights on Friday morning on my way to work, on
>Saturday as I run my errands and especially on Sunday as I go to my place
>worship. I'm also going to turn on my porch lights on Friday, Saturday and
>Sunday night.
>I'm going to turn on my lights for the families in Littleton to show them
>I care about them, that I feel the pain and hurt and heartache.  I'm going
>turn on my lights for what is right about this country. I'm going to turn
>lights against the darkness, the anger and the prejudice.  I hope you will
>me. One light is not much but put them together and we can light up the
>Turn on your lights - show that you stand for what is right about America.
>as you turn on your headlights and porch lights this weekend; turn on the
>in your heart and soul. Show the world that this is not what America is all
>about. With your light shining bright, along with others, we can come
>(if only for a brief moment) and combat the evil that confronts us all.
>Please pass this email on to everyone on your address list. Lets see if we
>can get this message to everyone across this great country before Friday
>morning and use lets the Internet for what it was intended - good.
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