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TR8 sheet metal

Subject: TR8 sheet metal
From: Bill Warner <>
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 23:03:32 -0500
Greetings folks:
    In my exuberance in blowing past a 914-6GT and a big block Vette on
the back straight at Daytona (perhaps they knew something I didn't), I
took an unschedule high speed line across the turf into the "bus stop"
on the back punching a rubber cone at something
considerably over the national speed limit. Other than heavly damaging a
front spoiler, I bent the narrrow sheet metal piece that runs under the
bumper and connects the bottom leading edges of the front fenders.   To
no avail, I have not located this piece (The Roadster Factory has them
on back order).  Anybody out in internet land that may have a TR7/TR8
parts car from which they would be willing to sell said piece, please
e-mail back at your earliest convenience.
    Car ran well, although I got only four laps in it the whole
weekend.   John Mayston-Taylor, Chairman of Lynx Cars in Kent, England,
was driving with me so I let him have most the laps to adjust to running
the bankings.  Gearbox failed with Jack Baldwin in the car.....wiped the
main input gear leaving only fourth.  Will be substituting the old TR
gearbox with a Borg-Warner T-10.   It is cheaper, lighter, stronger and
better, with essentially the same gearing....well close at least....and
is bulletproof.  Thank you in advance for help on the sheet metal, your
fiberglass patching friend, Bill Warner

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