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Subject: Fwd: Realistically's not that hard
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2000 14:41:41 EST
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Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2000 11:16:47 EST
Subject: Re: Realistically's not that hard
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it really isn't that hard. The Vee group gets together every few years 
(Colorado Vee Racers..all RMVR AND SCCA Vee drivers) and runs an event at 2nd 
creek at what  actually is a billed as a large gloryfied private test n tune. 
Yeah we get serious but as there is no corner workers and no emergecy  
support we don't get stupid (VERY limited passing in the corners). Doing it 
this way we use the tracks insurance as cover. Our entry fee was $100 for the 
day as I remember doing it this way.

The other way is to "rent" a track as an orginized group(say the"TR Drivers 
Group" for example). The overall cost would be much higher as you would have 
to obtain club level insurance, obtain workers and safety crew/support, and 
then volenteers for a Steward, Timing and Scoring, etc.. Nostalgia used(as in 
paid) SCCA people for the first few races they ran. Insurance isn't that bad 
but not cheap either. The track the event is at should be able to help obtain 
the rider. The fee for this way wouldn't be much different than a RMVR 
weekend..depending on how many cars showed up. A careful look at 
expenses(after you know all the numbers) would tell you how many cars it 
would take to break even on such an event. 

work with a known sanctioning body to be an individual run group within their 
race. The Vee's have done this with Nostalgia. We had SCCA guys and RMVR 
together for a run group(just like doing it on our own) BUT all the safety 
support was in place and we didn't have to worry about it..just drive. Since 
doing this, we (as CVR) haven't done a race on our own..although the last 2 
years we haven't been able to due to Nostalgia doing AIS races instead so 
we're thinking about doing it again)

hope this helps you out


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