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Subject: Fwd: Seattle Track
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2001 12:47:21 EST
For benefit of those N.W. listers...
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Subject: Re: Seattle Track
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I work as Chief Steward at SIR 3 times a year and while this does not
give me any real inside information I do hear a lot of comments, so, to
answer your question as best I can,

There has been a BIG fight (big lawsuit among other things) between the
current lease holder, and the owner of the land, about use,
improvements, etc.

The current owner tried to take the track back several years ago but the
courts supported management's claim for a lease option.  All that comes
to an end this year.

Rumor has it that plans have been drawn for vast improvements to the
track and that new managers will do so.

NHRA has been critical of present management and want improvements to
continue to hold the nationals there so there is pressure to improve,
since the national drags are one of the major money makers there.

The road circuit has not been approved by SCCA for some years now due to
considerations that mostly can be easily fixed, so we expect the road
circuit to receive some attention.

Everyone that knows the track is waiting to see just what happens, but
it seems sure that no what the changes, they will be for the better.

Larry Dent

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