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Subject: RACE CAR SET-UP the 12 STEPS
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 21:38:20 EST
1)  admit your bone-stock car sucks.

2) spend a bunch of money making it lighter. spend a lot more time cutting 
off all those bits & removing & selling all the interior pcs.that you don't 
need anymore,because you'll NEVER want the car street legal ever again.

3)admit your car still sucks, but is easier to load on to the trailer.

4)spend a bunch of money to make more horsepower.

5)admit that not only does your car suck, but is now reliable.

6)spend a bunch more money so the power you bought "is" reliable.

7)admit that the car is fast,but undriveable.

8)spend a bunch more money on suspension redo.

9)spend a lots of time trying all those settings,and
getting no change in lap times.

10)admit your car is fast, undriveable, and you've now spent
more moneyin mods that you paid for the car originally.

11)admit that you have no idea what all those spring rates,sway bar 
settings,knobs 7 screws on the shocks are for. Find someone who knows
what they're doing,suspension-wise, and give them more money.

12)admit your car is now light,fast & handlesgreat,but
that you suck.

Also note that if you stay with the sport long enough,you can repeat            
     this cycle endlessly.  
                                    by R. Bailey                          

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