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Re: Modified arms and ...

Subject: Re: Modified arms and ...
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 23:02:16 EDT
In a message dated 10/26/01 7:59:04 PM Mountain Daylight Time, writes:

<<  Thanks to all for the info on the a-arms.  I will be passing it on
 to a fellow vintage racer with a TR-4 with the later style ball joints.
     The second thing I'd like to do is nominate another vintage racer
 for inclusion to FOT.  His name is Ron Boone.  He races a 1965 TR-4 with
 RMVR and Nostalgia here in Colorado.  He's a great competitor and a hell
 of a good guy.  Seconds??
 Fred Hodgson >>
                    Would be happy to second that nomination  "Chewie" !!
                    Can attest to Ron's rep & competitive drive.

 Kev Lynch
 GT6 #120

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