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Re: Speed tales

Subject: Re: Speed tales
From: "Jack W. Drews" <>
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 12:19:48 -0500
Sorry to bomb the lists with a "for sale" message, but this is a rare 
opportunity that I don't want my friends on the lists to miss.

We are selling a TR4 on which the restoration has been started, for an 
extremely low price:

Totally disassembled TR4

Tub -- all rusty parts replaced -- $900 worth of new panels installed --
both floors, inner and outer rockers, front and rear valences. The work was
done with the doors installed and frequent checking on the chassis, so
everything fits. Work left to do -- minor welding at right rear fender 
flange, battery tabs need to be replaced, small amount of weld grinding, 
blasting, filling, and painting. All the hard stuff is done. Price $1200.

Parts -- all parts disassembled from the car except fenders, engine, and
transmission available -- price negotiable.

Any combination of the above is available -- tub only, tub with any or all
parts, whatever the purchaser wants .

Delivery -- we will help with low cost delivery within a reasonable 
distance. And, if you live somewhee along the route between Moline, 
Illinois and Vero Beach Florida, we can deliver over the weekend of August 
24 for a truly low price.

For immediate contact, call Jack Drews any time at 309-945-1196,
or email Tony Drews at TONY@TONYDREWS.COM for evening contact

uncle jack

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