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Best $155 ever spent

Subject: Best $155 ever spent
From: "Jack W. Drews" <>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 08:28:11 -0500
This weekend at Blackhawk Farms, the Midwestern Council's Looooong Race was 
one of our best racing weekends ever.

The format was the Council's usual six group racing, with all the vintage 
cars in one group. Attendance was outstanding, with 150-200 cars there. The 
vintage race, from our standpoint, was phenomenal. Finishing positions were:

1 -- Corvette
2 -- Chevy Malibu (not your father's)
3 -- Triumph GT6 -- John Reed
4 -- Alfa GTV
5 -- TR4 -- Jack Drews
6 -- Datsun 510
7 -- Datsun 240Z
8 -- TR4 -- Tony Drews
9 -- MGB (shown as 8th but questionable pass under yellow)
Bill Dentinger, in 'Ol Blue TR3 beat six cars despite heat spiking.

I took two seconds off my previous personal best (1:27.88 in practice) and 
I kept Tony behind me for one more race. I had a race-long battle with a 
240Z that should be a great videotape.

Besides the great racing, there was trick-or-treating at the corner 
stations for kids, big wheel races for tots including prizes and tee 
shirts, sponsored by Bill Dentinger of Beady Eye Racing,three long sessions 
on Saturday, a 20 minute practice and a thirty minute race on Sunday.

I hear that since there were three Triumphs in the rental garages, the 
track owner is trying to fine us for compensatory damages for excessive 
oildry requirements............

uncle jack

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