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Re: Silicone Valve Cover Gasket

To: "Justin" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Silicone Valve Cover Gasket
From: "Rocky Entriken" <>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 15:26:19 -0600
> P.S. I do like, "It never seems to leak badly."  Hmmm...  Does that mean a
> leaking is not bad?  : )

Well, we ARE British cars, after all. If there is not SOME seepage
SOMEwhere, we fail to uphold tradition.

And you know how Brits are about tradition.

Now if Justin would only come up with some magic elixir I could spreay
around my Spitfire pushrod tubes so they wouldn't leak!

The puddles under my #2 motor are big enough I'd gladly take some way to
reduce them. Corners were calling in that I was smoking a lot at my last
race. Wife told them not to worry unless it STOPPED smoking. My #1 doesn't
leak much at all, but #2 seems faster.

Let me know when you get those things made for Spitfires, Justin.


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