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Re: Cranks

Subject: Re: Cranks
From: "Jack W. Drews" <>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 15:53:21 -0600

Telephone number 313-561-7676

Fax 313-561-0724

The last one I purchased, earlier this year, cost $1650 and the leadtime 
was six to eight months. At that time I went through the same search you 
did. A couple of months ago a Moldex crank sold on eBay for about $2000.

Several other approaches are out there, involving various combinations of 
welding up the rear undercut radius, normalizing, nitriding, shot peening, 
ad nauseum.

Greg Solow on the west coast sells prepared cranks.

At 04:26 PM 11/18/02 -0500, wrote:
>Scat And Crower althogh nice people didn't know what a Triumph was when 
>asked about crank, who has a phone number for Moldex? 
>(can't find it on the net).
>And a 'nother thing...what is it with cats? I don't own one and the 
>nearest one lives at least a half mile away, but a cat comes to my house 
>just to jump on my cars. I left one with new paint and its first wax job 
>outside last night and the little bugger jumped on the trunk, realized it 
>was way to slippery, dug in its claws and slid off the side! You guessed 
>it...on the trunk lid and down the fender about 2"!!!!!
>So whats a good way to deal with the felines...death comes to mind!
>         Nick in Nor Cal

uncle jack

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