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Re: 300 plus horsepower in a TR?

Subject: Re: 300 plus horsepower in a TR?
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 14:08:45 EST
       Your wildest Triumph fantasies are closer than you think. They are 
just about giving away even late model TR7s at this point because no wants 
them. Buy Ted's conversion subframe for the V8, and drop in a slightly 
modified 4.6 liter aluminum V8.
Done properly, this might even be street legal in California.   

       If you really want to get exotic, buy the fiberglass panels from the 
Group 44 TR8 racecars, beef the engine up to 400 horsepower and get a serious 
competition gearbox. Do get some bigger better brakes, since you will 
probably need to stopped your TR7V8 at well over 170 mph at the end of the 
Daytona straight.  

       Back to work...


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