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Re: New Car Ceremony

Subject: Re: New Car Ceremony
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 21:17:48 EDT

There is no ceremony that I kow of that you perform for the car. It performs 
one on you. It will occur on your first full speed run. When you storm the 
front straight at VIR (or other venue) in the neighborhood of 118 mph, and she 
sends you that small shudder that makes you wonder if ALL the suspension bolts 
were torqued to spec. You right foot begins to shake as you see the braking 
zone is shorter than you planned. You can hardly breath for the balance of that 
lap. You pull into pit lane to calm down. The ceremony is over. You built the 
damn thing and it performed as advertised. That feeling will only happen that 
one time.

Leo Oddi

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