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VTR Richmond VA

Subject: VTR Richmond VA
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 20:49:33 EST
In a message dated 2/12/2004 8:41:32 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

At 08:30  AM 02/12/2004 -0500, Dean Tetterton wrote:

>Perhaps we need to have  a FOT Runoff.... Same car, same course, just
>different  drivers.
>John Lye is in charge of setting up the course so it should be  a good one.

Words like that may bump the registration numbers quite a  bit!

Just when is the convention???    ;-)
Wow! what an offer.
Maybe even I will come out of retirement!
July 14-18. (15AM - 17 night)
Call the hotel for a room, I had some trouble getting one for the whole  time!
Hotel direct = 804-285-2000 ask for the Sales dept.

74 Spitfire, 71 Stag
"Reality... it's  not what you think"
Clark W. Nicholls 
_www.cwnicholls.com_ (  
fax: 419-844-7564  (yes, 419 provided free by
phone:  413-243-3433

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